About Us

Council Mountain Gunworks is dedicated to building precision and custom rifles, as well as the restoration and customization or quality firearms.

Growing up in NE Pennsylvania my father ignited a passion for hunting and fishing which led to my graduation from Paul Smith’s College with a degree in Forestry. My early years fighting fire as a Forest Service (FS) La Grande Smokejumper, then as the first Union Hotshot fire crew supervisor was part-time. I began working as an apprentice gunsmith at the Blue Mt. Gunshop in La Grand, Oregon in 1982; opening my own shop in 1990 -1994 when I closed to pursue my Forest Service career. Even then I continued to apply my gunsmith skills part-time.

When in La Grande, I was very active in the Rifle and Pistol Club, serving as a Trustee, managiing and coached the Youth Rifle team, and started the Bench Rest Program. It was as a competitive Bench Rest  shooter my desire to build Precision Rifles began.

Throughout the years I had the opportunities to learn from Master Gunsmiths; Bill Knechtel, Pete Grisel, and Ferris Pindel to mention a few.  I  studied the techniques of Greg Tannel, and Gordy Gritters and continue to learn as the technology evolves.

My passion for gun work led to a desire to have enough room to build and shoot quality precision rifles.  That home is in Council, Idaho; two hours north of Boise. Council Mountain Gunworks opened its doors in 2011.  The shop is located  on 97 open acres and is fully equipped and dedicated to building precision and custom rifles.

Restored ‘boy’s 22 single shot’ for granddaughter Megan De.

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